Effective from March 1, 2023, the European Union (EU), Switzerland and Norway have implemented a new security and safety programme requiring all inbound and transit air mails containing goods to undergo preliminary pre-departure customs assessment at the origin of posting. Please submit accurate electronic customs declaration for the customs assessment.

Senders are required to provide a local mobile phone number or email address that can receive SMS messages or emails issued by Hongkong Post on the request by destinations or relevant customs authorities related to customs clearance of the mail items. Senders shall check your SMS messages or emails for 1 to 2 days upon posting and take follow up action if required. Hongkong Post will not embed hyperlinks in the related SMS messages or emails requesting for any personal information. Members of the public could contact Hongkong Post enquiry hotline 2921 2222 direct if they have any doubts on the SMS messages or emails received. For details, please click here.

Resumption of air parcel service to Namibia on 30 April 2024. For details, please click here.

Parcel service is the solution when you need to deliver heavy or bulky goods.

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The service comes with the following features:

Destination Over 200 destinations^
Item no. feature Start with the prefix C*
Estimated Delivery Time It will take 6 to 28 working days for air mail items to reach recipients, subject to flight availability, progress of customs clearance and aviation security check, etc. Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.
Please see the information on "Postage Rates and Services - Section 8 : Estimated Delivery Time (POS 15 Supplement)" for the estimated delivery time to different destinations.
Mail tracking You can check parcel delivery status via our website or direct enquiry, provided track-and-trace information from destination post is available.
Signature service Yes^
Certificate of Posting Use multi-part address pack (Pos 652) for posting parcel items. For customer using EC-Ship Online Portal, download a Certificate of Posting from the platform within six months from the date of posting.
Prohibited and Restricted Postal Items Please refer to the "Post Office Guide" for details of prohibited and restricted items for respective destinations. It is the sender's responsibility to enquire into the import and export regulations (e.g. prohibitions, restrictions including quarantine, pharmaceutical restrictions, etc.) and the documents required (e.g. commercial invoice, certificate of origin, health certificate, license, authorisation for goods subject to quarantine [plant, animal, food products, etc.]) in the destinations. If Hongkong Post finds that the mail items belong to prohibited items, the mail items will be returned to the sender and the paid postage fee will not be refunded. Under this situation, the sender must bear the responsibility for the losses incurred by non-compliance with relevant posting requirements.

Remarks: Customer can lodge mail tracing enquiry to our Mail Tracing Hotline on 2921 2211 or complete the enquiry form (Pos28B) which is obtainable at Hongkong Post website or any post office.

In the case of damage or loss to a mail item, we will compensate you in accordance with the Universal Postal Convention and its Regulations. Compensation varies according to the weight of the parcel. However, the actual compensation of the content of an uninsured parcel paid will not exceed the declared item value, or the value shown in the purchase invoice/receipt, and/or the transaction record of the article lost, or the amount of damage sustained, whichever is the lowest. In case of documents, compensation of the content will not exceed the replacement cost shown in invoice/receipt/record of replacement, whichever is the lowest. No compensation is paid for indirect loss or loss of profits. You may choose to purchase optional insurance for higher valued items.

For mail sending to or transiting via the destinations that have implemented EU's Import Control System 2 (ICS2), the submitted electronic customs declaration will be preliminarily assessed before departure. If the mail fails the pre-assessment by the destinations customs authority, the mail item has not departed Hong Kong and is returned to the sender, the postage paid will be refunded. (Unless dangerous goods or prohibited item is found).

^For certain destinations, service is currently suspended or will not provide written proof of delivery. For details, please refer to Hongkong Post ”What’s New” for notices of “Types of services currently available to various destinations“ and “Written proof of delivery will not be provided by certain destinations”.


Please click here to see the extract of air parcel postage rates.

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Size and Weight LimitsOpen/collapse

Weight The maximum weight is 10 - 30 kg*
SizeMaximum: Length: 1.5m (XP) / 1.05m (P)*
Girth + Length : 3m (XP) / 2m (P)*
Minimum (Same as letters): [Cylindrical] Length + 2 x Diameter : 170mm; Greatest Dimension may not be less than 100mm
[Non-cylindrical] 90mm x 140mm

* For size and weight limits of individual destinations, please refer to Hongkong Post website: Main Page >> Latest Postal Information. You may also click here to check: Post Office Guide >> Limits of Weight and Size

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  2. What is the compensation arrangement?
  3. Any charges will be levied in case of return of undeliverable parcel?
  4. How to lodge enquiry?