The minimum age for receiving the Sinovac and BioNTech vaccine has been lowered to 6 months. Eligible persons can bring the necessary documents to make appointments at any post office (except mobile post offices) during office hours.

Hong Kong residents

Hong Kong residents have to provide a valid Hong Kong identity document and a local mobile phone number when making online bookings. They can make appointments for vaccination in the Community Vaccination Centres or Private Clinic COVID-19 Vaccination Stations.

Non-Hong Kong residents

Starting from January 16, all free vaccination will no longer be offered. Non-Hong Kong residents in need may receive COVID-19 vaccination at their own cost via private healthcare organisations providing vaccination services. Regarding the requirement for non-Hong Kong residents in booking appointment, please refer to the relevant Press Release.

Holders of the Exit-entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao (EEP) or valid travel document, if they have received vaccines under the Government Vaccination Programme or hold an appointment registration under the Government Vaccination Programme before 16 January 2023, and have met the staying requirement, can present their EEPs or travel documents and the landing slips or extension of stay labels issued by the Immigration Department to make appointments. They will be required to present the relevant vaccination or appointment records when making an appointment and visiting the vaccination site for vaccination. They will only be arranged to receive vaccination after the relevant records have been verified.

For details of the “COVID-19 Vaccination Programme”, please click here.