Stay vigilant against fraudulent acts

To protect the personal data of registrants and prevent fraudulent acts, staff of Hongkong Post are not allowed to amend the information provided on the registration form on behalf of the registrants except for some non-personal data (e.g. code of the post office for collecting cheque). Hongkong Post will not request registrants to provide personal information, including information on identity cards and addresses. Depending on the importance of the information, staff of Hongkong Post may ask the registrants to re-register. The previous registration will then be voided.

Hongkong Post will only call registrants using the designated telephone number “2908 0070”. Members of the public who have doubts about the authenticity of calls may call the Hongkong Post hotline at 2921 2222.

The registration period for the Cash Payout Scheme has ended on 31 December 2021. For details, you may refer to Cash Payout Scheme website at

Cheque Collection

Registrants must go to the post office and sign to acknowledge receipt of cheque in person. They have to produce their original identity card and the notification of cheque collection issued by the Hongkong Post for verification. Registrants cannot authorize another person to collect the cheque for them.

For enquiries about the Cash Payout Scheme, please call the Enquiry Hotline 182020 or email to