Hongkong Post, as a recognized Certification Authority, offers different types of digital certificates and related services for personal and organisational e-security needs, by enabling safe and secure online electronic transactions in the fields of banking, finance, commercial, education and Government services.

Hongkong Post has built a Public Key Infrastructure ("PKI") in early 2000 and became the first public recognized certification authority ("CA") under the Electronic Transactions Ordinance ("ETO") (Cap. 553). As a recognized CA, Hongkong Post CA issues recognized digital certificates ("e-Cert") that comply with the provisions of the ETO. Under the ETO, digital signature supported by an e-Cert has the same legal status as a handwritten signature. Hongkong Post e-Cert is issued to individuals and businesses to authenticate the online identity of subscribers and to facilitate the conduct of online transactions in a secure and trusted environment. Hongkong Post CA also maintains a certificate repository and directory to allow the public to verify the validity of a particular Hongkong Post e-Cert.

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Hongkong Post Certification Authority issues the following types of digital certificates to individuals and organisations in Hong Kong:-


The subscription fee for different types of e-Cert is as follows:-

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New e-Cert Application

Renewal of e-Cert

(For details, please refer to https://www.eCert.gov.hk/product/ecert/apply/index.html)

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For frequently asked questions related to HKPCA, please refer to the following website:


Telephone 2921-6633
Fax 2775-9130
Mail Kowloon East Post Office Box 68777, Hong Kong.
E-mail enquiry@eCert.gov.hk

Information about e-Cert is also available at all post offices.