e-Cheque is a simple, safe and convenient way for Hongkong Post customers to settle their bills on-line.

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Customers can use e-Cheque (Payable to Postmaster General) to settle Hongkong Post Bills described here. However, new rental of P.O. Box must be settled in person by cash, EPS, cheque or cashier order at the post office of the P.O. Box.

No Hongkong Post receipt will be issued for e-Cheque payment. Please record the reference number after payment for future enquiries.


Free of charge


Please call Hongkong Post Hotline at 2921 2222 for enquiry.


e-Cheque Payment does not support TLS v1.0 for security reason.

If TLS v1.1 or above is not enabled in your web broswer, you may not be able to submit the Hongkonst Post bill information.

If your web browser support TLS v1.1 or above, please check and ensure it was enabled before proceed to payment.

If your web browser does not support TLS v1.1 or above, please update your web browser to the latest version or install a web browser which support TLS v1.1 or above. The latest version of most popular web browsers enabled TLS v1.1 or above by default.

For your reference, the latest version of build-in web browser for the following operating system enabled TLS v1.1 or above by default:

OS Type Android iOS Macintosh Windows
OS Version 5.0 or above 5 or above 10.9 or above 7 or above (IE 11 only)