For mail items requiring signature for acknowledgement of receipt or too big to be put inside the letter box, postmen will deliver them at door. If attempt of door delivery fails, postmen will issue a notification card to inform the addressee of mail collection at a designated post office according to standing procedure. The addressee can collect the mail item at the designated post office, or use “Mail Redelivery Service” (service charge applies and applicable for inward EMS and parcel only) if the mail item is a Speedpost (EMS) item or a parcel.

To keep a proper record of unsuccessful door delivery attempt by postmen, postmen will take photos of the floor number and/ or any iconic symbols of the public area with their PDAs when any mail item, except ordinary mail, is attempted delivery at door unsuccessfully.

Information collected through these photos will be used solely for the purpose of mail handling and it does not contain personal data.

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  1. Under what circumstances do postmen need to take photo for record purpose?
  2. Whether personal data will be collected under the photo-taking procedure?