Special mail delivery arrangement during the pandemic

To reduce social contacts, postmen will not require the recipient at the delivery address to sign at postman’s personal digital assistant (PDA) for acknowledgement of receipt. The delivery result will be recorded by the postman concerned.

To tie in with the development of the epidemic and the Government's home isolation/quarantine arrangements, for buildings with residents tested positive in the past 7 days, we would attempt to contact the addressees/occupants by telephone*/building intercom before arranging delivery of items requiring signature for receipt from 23 September 2022. If there are no confirmed cases in the units, we will arrange door delivery. If there are confirmed cases in the units or if we are unable to ascertain the situation, mail items requiring signature for receipt, which can be fully inserted into the letter box, will be delivered into the letter boxes in the lobbies with records marked (other service features such as mail tracking will be maintained). For mail items which cannot be inserted into the letter box, mail collection notification cards will be issued for mail collection at the nearby post offices. To allow senders and addressees to grasp the actual delivery status of items requiring signature for receipt, our mail tracking webpage will clearly indicate if a mail item has been delivered to the letter box.

To safeguard the health of the public and our delivery staff, please wear a mask while receiving mail at door.

*Only applicable to Speedpost items with addressee’s phone number provided

For details, please refer to the following link: https://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/other/2020/anti_epidemic/index.html.

Mail delivery service is performed from Monday to Friday, only express delivery, viz. Speedpost and Local CourierPost services, will be available on Saturday. No mail delivery services will be provided on Sunday and public holidays unless it is so announced. All mail will be delivered once except those otherwise stated. For mail items requiring signature for receipt or those with sizes which cannot fit through letter boxes, postmen will attempt door delivery. In case of unsuccessful door delivery, postmen will issue mail collection notification cards with which the recipients collect the mail from designated post offices.

Mail item is delivered according to the address indicated (i.e. delivery to the address) but not to the designated addressee as given on the mail item. Hongkong Post only delivers mail items with complete and deliverable addresses. Apart from complete addresses of recipients, senders should also indicate their return addresses in case of unsuccessful delivery. Local addresses should include the following information (where applicable) :

Order of local mail address should be name of addressee, flat/room and floor number, building name, building number, street name, district and region

Please refer to the link below for details on correct address format:

Make good use of “Correct Addressing” tool and include sender’s address for proper delivery

For houses in villages, Hongkong Post would consider providing door delivery service only when the houses are allocated with official building numbers by the Rating and Valuation Department (RVD) Note 1. For owners or occupants of houses who wish to apply for building numbers, please download the application form the RVD website at www.rvd.gov.hk and send the completed form, together with the required documents, to the RVD.

All mail items are delivered according to the addresses indicated. Mail items bearing incorrect or undeliverable addresses Note 2 will be returned to senders. If such items bear no senders’ addresses, disposal will be arranged according to our established procedures. We will not contact the recipients or senders even if telephone numbers are present on the mail items Note 3.

Therefore, senders are strongly advised to ensure the correctness and completeness of both recipients’ and senders’ addresses before posting.

Note 1: For houses in villages with building numbers allocated, the availability of door delivery service is still subject to the accessibility of such houses and whether it is reasonably convenient for our Postmen to carry out their duties. For houses in villages without official building numbers allocated by the RVD, we suggest these villages to install residents’ nested letter boxes for receiving ordinary mail.

Note 2: Undeliverable addresses refer to those without the information that an address should include, such as name of the street, building number, name of the building, flat/room and floor numbers, and including only the lot number is an example under this category.

Note 3: Except for Speedpost, Local CourierPost items, Local and Inward Registered mail, e-Express and Insured Parcel.