EC-Get is an economical local mail service providing simple posting method and flexible mail collection arrangement.

Service FeaturesOpen/collapse

Delivery Standard

  • EC-Get items are delivered within 2 working days after day of posting to designated collection point.

Simple Posting Method

  • After input of posting information on “Post Now” webpage or ”EC-Ship” online platform , sender can print address label or present QR code at post office for printing address label; or
  • Sender can fill in posting information and submit to any of our post offices (except mobile post offices) for printing address label.
  • EC-Get items must be posted at post office. Posting at posting box is not applicable. Otherwise, items will be considered as undeliverable and cannot be returned.

Flexible Mail Collection Arrangement

  • Among territory-wide coverage of post office and iPostal Station network, any of our post offices (except mobile post offices) or iPostal Stations can be designated as collection point. Some iPostal Stations even operates 24 hours a day, offering flexibility and convenience for mail collection.
  • When mail item is posted, system will issue SMS notification to recipient for the concerned item. Recipient can select another collection point on “Change of Collection Point or Delivery Date” webpage (Change of date of door delivery service is not applicable for EC-Get items (item number with prefix AG)) before the time specified in the SMS notification. Hongkong Post does not accept late submission of change request.
  • When mail item arrives designated collection point, system will issue SMS notification to recipient for mail collection accordingly.
  • Counter collection item retention period: collect the item within three working days upon receipt of collection SMS (exclude the day of receiving SMS).
  • iPostal Station item retention period: collect the item within 48 hours upon receipt of collection SMS.


  • Simpler and lower cost alternative to Local Registered Mail, Local CourierPost and Local Parcel service.

Please click here for Terms and Conditions of EC-Get service.

Collection PointOpen/collapse


Weight not overPostage ($)
0.5Kg 10.0
1Kg 18.0
1.5Kg 23.0
2Kg 28.0
2.5Kg 33.0
3Kg 38.0
3.5Kg 43.0
4Kg 48.0
4.5Kg 53.0
5Kg 58.0
5.5Kg 63.0
6Kg 68.0
6.5Kg 73.0
7Kg 78.0
7.5Kg 83.0
8Kg 88.0
8.5Kg 93.0
9Kg 98.0
9.5Kg 103.0
10Kg 108.0
10.5Kg 113.0
11Kg 118.0
11.5Kg 123.0
12Kg 128.0
12.5Kg 133.0
13Kg 138.0
13.5Kg 143.0
14Kg 148.0
14.5Kg 153.0
15Kg 158.0
15.5Kg 163.0
16Kg 168.0
16.5Kg 173.0
17Kg 178.0
17.5Kg 183.0
18Kg 188.0
18.5Kg 193.0
19Kg 198.0
19.5Kg 203.0
20Kg 208.0

Size and Weight LimitsOpen/collapse

Weight 20kg or below
Size (Counter Collection) Length (longest dimension) 1.50 m, length (longest dimension) and girth combined 3 m.
Size (iPostal Station Collection) 38 cm x 45 cm x 26 cm

Frequently Asked QuestionsOpen/collapse

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  3. How to check the delivery status?
  4. What is the compensation arrangement?
  5. Can the addressee choose another collection point?
  6. If I would like to use EC-Get service with bulk mail, who can I contact?