Registered Service is an optional service that requires signature on delivery.

This service is ideal for important items which require special handling and processing.

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Note: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are excluded for performance measurement under the performance pledges; whereas for the purpose of determining the date of posting for all mail items, Sunday and public holidays are excluded.


The postage rates depend on the weight of an item and an extra registration fee of $15.5 per item must be prepaid in addition to regular postage rates.

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To facilitate the posting of registered items and promote green living, instead of using the multi-part address pack (Pos 650), senders only have to indicate clearly a deliverable address on the registered letter/ packet. At the time of posting, counter staff will affix a barcode label with the registered number onto the mail item in place of the address pack currently used and capture an image of the recipient's address with our cameras at the counter for further processing, while the addressee's / company's name will not be recorded.

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  1. Which types of articles must be registered?
  2. How can I trace the item status?
  3. How to lodge enquiry?
  4. What is the enquiry period for Local Registered items?