Self-collection at iPostal Stations / post offices is easy and convenient. Simply provide recipient's mobile phone number that can receive SMS and put down the code for the iPostal Station / post office where the recipient will collect the item. No need for pre-registration.

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Mail services that are applicable:Open/collapse

Local Mail

Inward Mail*

Sender’s address should be written on the mail. iPostal Stations and Post Offices are invalid senders’ addresses.

Maximum size of item fit for the iPostal Station: 380 mm (length) x 450 mm (width) x 260 mm (thickness)

*Hongkong Post does not provide self-collection service for insured mail items. The addressee is required to collect the insured mail at the designated post office by presenting the notification letter issued by Hongkong Post.

For Terms & Conditions, please click here.

How to write the addressOpen/collapse

Collection at iPostal Station:

8 digits mobile phone number + iPostal Station code (e.g. 9XXX XXXX(PLGPO))


Collection at Post office:

8 digits mobile phone number + 3 letters post office code (e.g. 9XXX XXXX(GPO))


Click here for post office codes/ iPostal Station codes.

Where to postOpen/collapse

You can post your mail item at any  post offices (includes  mobile post offices*) or iPostal Kiosks.

*Except EC-Get items which cannot be posted at mobile post offices.

Where to collectOpen/collapse

* iPostal Stations : Mail item should be collected in 48 hours upon the issue of the SMS collection notice.
* Post offices (except mobile post offices) : Please refer to your mail service terms for retention period.


For enquiries, please call general enquiry hotline 2921 2222.

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