Self-collection at iPostal Stations / post offices is easy and convenient. Simply provide recipient's mobile phone number that can receive SMS and put down the code for the iPostal Station / post office where the recipient will collect the item. No need for pre-registration.

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Mail services that are applicable:Open/collapse

Local Mail

Inward Mail

Sender’s address should be written on the mail. iPostal Stations and Post Offices are invalid senders’ addresses.

For Terms & Conditions, please click here.

How to write the addressOpen/collapse

Collection at iPostal Station:

8 digits mobile phone number + iPostal Station code (e.g. 98765432(PLGPO))


Collection at Post office:

8 digits mobile phone number + 3 letters post office code (e.g. 98765432(GPO))


Click here for post office codes/ iPostal Station codes.

Where to postOpen/collapse

Any post offices (includes mobile post offices).

Where to collectOpen/collapse

* iPostal Stations : Mail item should be collected in 48 hours upon the issue of the SMS collection notice.
* Post offices (except mobile post offices) : Please refer to your mail service terms for retention period.


For enquiries, please call general enquiry hotline 2921 2222.

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