Local Parcel service is the solution when you need to deliver heavy or bulky goods. For items prepared on "EC-Ship" online platform (ec-ship.hongkongpost.hk), option of collection at "iPostal Station" is also available with the provision of the mobile phone number of the addressee.

Delivery Standard

Note: Sundays and public holidays are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.


Weight not over Postage
1 Kg 70.0
2 Kg 70.0
3 Kg 70.0
4 Kg 85.0
5 Kg 100.0
6 Kg 120.0
7 Kg 140.0
8 Kg 155.0
9 Kg 165.0
10 Kg 175.0
11 Kg
12 Kg 180.0
13 Kg
14 Kg 210.0
15 Kg
16 Kg
17 Kg 230.0
18 Kg
19 Kg
20 Kg

Size and Weight LimitsOpen/collapse

Weight The maximum weight is 20 kg
SizeMaximum: length (longest dimension) 1.50 m, length (longest dimension) and girth combined 3 m.
Roll form: Same.
Minimum: same as small letters (non-roll form). 90 mm x 140 mm.
Roll form: same as packet (roll form). Length plus twice the diameter must not be less than 170 mm and the greatest dimension must not be less than 100 mm.

Frequently Asked QuestionsOpen/collapse

  1. How are non-delivered Local Parcels handled?
  2. What is the enquiry period for Local Parcels?