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Direct Mail Marketing Basics
Create Miracles
Create Miracles

Create Miracles
Moreover, you do not have to make a huge investment upfront for Direct Mail campaigns, because you can choose to test your products, test your lists, test your offer, test your promotion and analyse the results before deciding on your scale of rolling out the entire campaign. Risks are more manageable. Provided your tests are organized properly, the findings will provide you with a reliable projection of the outcome of your programme when it is rolled out.

And, you can also acquire a large number of customers within a relatively short period time, as compared to retail distribution or selling through sales agents. If the tests showed that your campaign is profitable, you can send your promotion packs to the entire universe, say, 100,000 or 200,000 targets, and generate thousands of orders (and customers) within two weeks. If you wanted to achieve the same volume of orders through retail or sales agents, you would probably have to invest millions up front to create awareness and generate traffic, or build up your sales team, which is certainly a more risky option.


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