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Research & Statistics

Research & Statistics

To help marketers select the most appropriate promotion channel, we commissioned research experts from time to time to conduct market research studies to understand the opinions of consumers and marketers.

Nielsen Research Findings "Direct Mail In Comparison With Other Media" (2011/12)

Key objectives of this study:
Marketers Survey, to understand:

  • marketers' perception towards different communication channels
  • the role of direct mail as a communication channel
  • the complementary role of direct mail to other communication channels
  • marketers' attitudes towards direct mail

Consumers Survey, to understand:

  • preferences for receiving different marketing messages and from different ndustries
  • consumers' perception towards different communication channels
  • consumers' exposure to different communication channels
  • perspectives from consumers on direct mail

Major findings of this study:

  • Direct mail continues to play an important and trusted role.
  • Growing importance of integrated marketing campaigns, and the effective role direct mail can play when used in conjunction with other marketing activities.
  • Mail remains an essential marketing mechanism for converting desire and intention into action.

Download the full report

Leveraging on the research findings, Hongkong Post has collaborated with "Marketing" magazine to produce the "Direct Mail Marketing 101" booklet. Please click here to download the booklet.
(reference: Marketing, March 2012,

TNS Research Report on "Hong Kong Direct Mail Study in October 2005"
Key Objectives of this Study:
To identify how consumers like to receive marketing messages, so that the marketers can select the most appropriate channel.
To identify preferences for the different types of communications and different originating organizations, comparing channels.
To explore how the communications received by consumers via different media impact brand perceptions and response to offers.
To understand attitudes to receiving advertising materials from companies and organizations with which consumers have a relationship and with which consumers do not have a relationship.
Major Findings of the Study:
Mail is perceived by consumers as an essential channel for essential and marketing information, as significant as TV and mass print.
Consumers have clear preferences for receiving particular kinds of information via specific media
  Download Key Findings - PDF 806KB, requires Adobe Reader.
Download the full Research Report:
- Introduction & Key Findings for Service Sector
- Key Findings for Retail Sector, Non-Profit & Gov't & Clubs
- Summary & Recommendations, Appendix
Other Direct Mail-related studies will be carried out in Hong Kong, other Asian markets and overseas. They will be announced later in this section, and provided in part or in full for your reference. Please check back frequently.

Important Findings on Direct Mail by DMIS in the UK
Download Now (PDF 60KB, requires Adobe Reader.)

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