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Postal Solutions
Local Mailing Services
Postal Solutions

Postal Solutions
Mailing Services
Mailing letters is an essential part of doing business. What's more, Direct Mail is playing an increasingly important role in the marketing of products and services. Hongkong Post is committed to offering businesses postal services at competitive prices. This postal solutions guide explains the various services we provide and the state-of-the-art technology behind them. It also details the substantial discounts that are available and how you can enjoy them.

Local Mail Services
We offer two main ways to mail local business letters, which will ensure that your Direct Mail campaign works as hard as possible. Depending on your precise target, the size of your database and the weight and dimensions of your Direct Mail piece, you can choose between: Non-Bulk Mail and Bulk Mail

Other Business Services For Local Letter Mail

When deciding which of the delivery options is best suited to your Direct Mail campaign, you should also consider employing the following postal services. There are other efficient and cost-effective choices of mailing local letters:

For dramatically increasing the response rate from your chosen target, you can rely on: Response Services.

If you wish to consolidate your Direct Mail responses or keep your business address confidential, you can also consider: Post Office Boxes.

Local Mail Postage Summary
Non-bulk Mail (less than 2,000 items per posting)

Please click here for details.

Bulk Mail (2,000 identical items or above per posting)
Please click here for details.

More Suggestions for Direct Marketers
The restrictions on envelope size, shape and colour which MLSS equipment places on Standard Mail might seem to hamper creativity. However, there are no such limitations for Non-Standard Mail (whether pre-sorted or non-bulk), and you can still enjoy substantial discounts with highly creative or colourful items. Our Local CourierPost offers excellent opportunities for attention-grabbing Direct Mail pieces that contain gifts or samples. Please visit this pagefor more about our irregular-shape DM service.
Envelope Sizes
When designing a Direct Mail piece, please consider that most residential mail boxes are quite small. If your item must be folded to fit into the average mailbox, some of the impact may be lost.
Please remember that Bulk Economy envelopes should be sealed to avoid processing problems.
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