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DM Best Practices
 DM Best Practices

 DM Best Practices

Campaign Planning

1. Setting Your Objectives
For example, do you want to:-
Sell one product or a range of products?
Promote a service or a range of services?
Generate leads for future mailings, follow-up phone calls or for your representatives to make a sales call?
Increase brand awareness?
Build loyalty or undertake other forms of Customer Relationship Management?

Because commercial success is measured by results, it's vital that you know precisely what results you're trying to achieve.

2. Defining Your Targets
Just as there are many types of objectives, there are also many different types of targets. Depending on whether you wish to communicate with individuals, or with organizations such as businesses, clubs and government departments, the type of information you need to gather to clearly define your target will differ.
For example:
Individuals: here you will need information about age, gender, income, spending patterns, geographical area, type of accommodation, hobbies and interests, specific needs and so on. If you have difficulties in terms of time and/or budget for collecting all this information, the most important piece of information that you should not miss out is age.
Businesses: the type of data required here could include nature of business, number of employees and company structure, as well as information relating to your objectives, such as the brand name of the product or service they're currently using.

Detailed information of this nature will allow you to create a Direct Mailing piece that is more relevant to your targets and therefore more likely to get good results.

The success of your campaign depends on an accurate market profile.

3. Locating and Reaching Your Targets
At this stage, you should know precisely what your objectives are. You should also have a clear picture of the type of individual or organization with which you wish to communicate. The next task is to gather information on where they are, and to marshall and process that information for commercial advantage both now and in the future.
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