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Ethical Practices
Ethical Practices

Ethical Practices

Ethical Code of Practice for DM

No one should knowingly transgress the legal or moral rights of any individual or group of individuals.
When goods or services are offered, copy must be completely clear and honest. Any offer must be set out in such a way that the reader can easily understand it.
Photography or artwork, when used, must as accurately as possible illustrate the actual product. Where it is impossible to show the exact size of the product, dimensions should be stated in the text where applicable.
When price comparisons are used, they must be factual and verifiable.
When testimonials or references are used, they must be from bona fide users of the products or services offered, and be in the possession of the seller or readily accessible for confirmation.
When the word "guarantee" or any synonym is used, the terms of the guarantee must be clearly stated and adhered to.
Should a bonus or gift item be offered conditionally on the purchase of another item, the conditions must be stated in easily legible type.
Merchandise must not be shipped by sellers or their agencies without authorization from the customers, unless this is done for product sampling purposes or as part of a continuity service.
When merchandise is offered "on approval" and an advance payment has been received, a refund statement must clearly indicate whether or not mailing, shipping or handling charges are included. Refunds must be made promptly upon receipt of a request.
Mailings that promote materials that can be construed as pornographic, salacious, vulgar or offensive are unacceptable.
Should a person request that he or she is not mailed from a mailing list owned by a member, every conscientious effort must be made to comply.
Subject to acceptance of an unpaid order, goods offered from stock must be shipped within 30 days of receipt of order or the time limit as stated in the original order.
If, contrary to (12) above, there is a delay in shipping goods, the customer must be advised in writing within 30 days of receipt of order, provided that a proper method of communication is possible.
When sweepstakes, contests, lotteries or prizes are used to promote the sale of merchandise, the rules in each case must be clearly stated. All aspects of the promotion must be lawful under the provisions of local legislation.

Environmental Code of Practice for DM

Use recycled paper
Use less material
Use printing colour pigments that do not contain heavy metals
(Source: The Universal Postal Union)
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