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DM Best Practices
 DM Best Practices

 DM Best Practices

Competitive Advantages of Direct Mail
Direct Mail campaigns can provide you with many competitive advantages for your marketing and business development initiatives, viz. Confidentiality, Flexibility, Targetability, Measurability, and Accountability. Hence, when planning, managing and implementing a Direct Mail campaign through its various stages, you should always keep these advantages in mind, and make every effort to utilize them to produce the best results.

Now, let's walk through the various stages of a Direct Mail campaign, and see what best practices we could adopt in each of them.

1. Campaign Planning
2. Testing & Experimental Design
3. Creative & Production
4. List Management
5. Logistics & Delivery
6. Analysis

Knowledge Management and Transfer
Other than the best practices that we can learn from others, from networking with fellow marketers, attending seminars and workshops, participating in shows and award presentations, and attending training classes, we should note that many best practices and, in fact, those most relevant to our own businesses are actually learnt from our own experience — from previous promotional campaigns and tests. We have to set up in the organization a mechanism to document, store, retrieve and transfer this valuable knowledge. The most powerful organization is one that has the ability to acquire and apply knowledge continuously.

Share Your Successes and Best Practices
When you have successful stories and best practices learned from your promotional campaigns, please consider sharing them with your fellow direct mail marketers.

Please send us details of your campaign and we'll post them on the website as one of our case studies. As a token of our appreciation, we'll also send you a fabulous gift! For more information, please call (852) 2921 6473, or send an email to
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