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Logistics and Delivery

By now you've already invested a considerable amount of time and effort in planning and executing your Direct Mail campaign. You've fine-tuned your offer. You've defined and identified your target precisely and built your database. And you've spent many hours designing, writing and producing your Direct Mail pack. What counts now is to ensure that your campaign is delivered into the hands of your potential customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

At Hongkong Post, we've spent many years listening carefully to the needs of our commercial customers. As a result, we've re-shaped some of our traditional services and introduced a number of new services, all of which are designed to help you get the very best out of your Direct Mail campaigns.

Hongkong Post Mailing Services

We offer four clearly defined delivery methods, which will ensure that your Direct Mail campaign works as hard as possible. Depending on your precise target, the size of your database, and the weight and dimensions of your Direct Mail piece, you can choose between:

Non-Bulk Mail
Bulk Mail
Local CourierPost
Hongkong Post Circular service

Having decided which of these methods is best suited to your current Direct Mail campaign, you should also consider employing one or other of the following additional services which will dramatically increase the response rate from your chosen target:-

Business Reply Service

As a final thought, if you wish to consolidate your Direct Mail responses, or keep your business address confidential, you can also consider opening a Post Office Box.

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