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Overview for Local service


  1. Ordinary small letters will be delivered within the next working day after the date of posting, ordinary large letters and packets will be delivered within 2 working days thereafter, and bulk economy mail will be delivered within 3 working days thereafter.
  2. Only applicable for item posted before the cut-off time of the working day.
  3. Only applicable for item posted to major commercial and industrial areas.
  4. Only applicable for item posted to other service areas.
  5. Maximum weight per item is 2 kg for items delivered to and picked up from the areas in the New Territories B, or posted at mobile post offices.
  6. The envelope is not subject to any weight restrictions. Properly sealed envelopes with contents that are within the envelope holding capacity can be posted at any street posting boxes or post offices.
  7. Local parcels are delivered within 2 working days after day of posting to Hong Kong, Kowloon and the major commercial and industrial areas of the New Territories; and within 3 working days to other areas.
  8. Sundays, public holidays, and days when Black Rainstorm Warning or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above are hoisted are excluded for the purpose of determining the date of posting or arrival in Hong Kong for all mail items and for performance measurement under the performance pledges.
  9. Service Guarantee of Hongkong Post shall not apply to any interruption of service due to causes beyond Hongkong Post's control including, but not limited to: acts of God, disruptions in transportation networks, adverse weather conditions and pandemic.
  10. Only basic tracking information on posting and delivery/collection is available. Proof of delivery is not available. If you require detailed tracking information and signature proof, please consider Local Registration or Local CourierPost Service.
  11. For delay in delivery or loss of mail item, delivery charge will be refund. However, no compensation will be paid in respect of its contents.
  12. For loss or damage of mail item, postage will be refund. However, no compensation will be paid in respect of its contents.

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